Team Services

NLSTA is built to offer a wide-variety of Team-specific services to take on the most difficult parts of running your travel team.

Our services include:

Team Training – our trainers can run your team practices, coach your team games, or any combination.

Skill-Specific Training – we are able to offer GK-specific training, supplemental technical training, and thru our partnership with PEAC Performance, we can offer strength, conditioning, speed and agility training.

Team Managerial Services (TMS) – let our team of experienced travel managers take on the most thankless and time consuming parts of running a travel team, including handling the carding process, registering for tournaments or league play, managing your league schedule (working with your club’s field scheduler & your opponents), handling team communication through TeamSnap or similar software packages, collecting dues & fees, etc. We’ve done it all before and are happy to take these tasks off your plate so you can spend your time watching your children play!

To learn more about these services, or for a quote, please complete the form below: